Tim Gautier


Tim Gautier has emerged as one of the premier independent producers of our time.  He is the Writer, Producer and creative force behind the motion picture “Eternal Salvation”, a compelling story of miraculous recovery and salvation.   

With over fifteen years of experience in the film industry, Tim has worked on such hit films as “A Fight For Glory,” starring: Tommy Morgan Jr., Kiyano La’Vin, Erick Martez Fort and R&B singing sensation Howard Hewett.  He also served as Creator/Executive Producer for the magazine entertainment television series “Stars of Tomorrow”.  In addition, Tim has worked as a freelance producer on numerous music video productions and television commercials.   

Tim believes that “talented people must work together cohesively to execute and deliver an undeniably superior product.”  With this in mind, he assembles cast and crews based on their passion and enthusiasm for each project. 

With a high propensity to execute and meticulous attention to detail, Tim plans to continue to take on projects that inspire his undying passion to entertain audiences worldwide.

Reed Simonsen


Reed Simonsen is a best selling author and award winning filmmaker.  His historical series, American History Stories You Never Read in School topped the number one list for retailers in numerous historic sites across the country.

He attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts where as a student director he won several professional awards for excellence in film and television production.  His master’s thesis Molly Goes West is a cinematic retelling of the struggles pioneers faced while settling the American Frontier.  It has won 5 industry awards including multiple Accolades and Tellys in numerous categories.

He has also edited and ghost-written many books and articles for prominent artists and historians.  In 2003, he was awarded the Paul Harris Feow by Rotary International President, Bhichai Rattakul of Thailand for his charitable efforts in helping provide winter clothing for needy children.

His current projects include a Reality Series based on a zany Greek-American family and their crazy businesses; the next volume in his series of successful American History Stories; three feature screenplays, and a television series. He lives and works in Studio City, California.

Adam Watson

Director of Photography

Adam Stein Watson fell in love with image making at a young age while studying beads of rainwater on his parents’ gardenia.  Since he didn’t have a knack for drawing, Adam turned his attention to cameras and graduated from USC with an MFA in Cinematography in 2012. 

He continues to pursue his childhood dream by crafting emotionally resonate images for feature films, documentaries and commercials.

Joth Riggs

1st Assistant Director

Joth Riggs has accumulated an impressive list of film and television credits working with many of Hollywood’s most talented directors. His illustrious career began with an internship on Pet Semetary II then getting hired on by Steven Spielberg’s film company, Amblin Entertainment.

When he was in high school he started making movies with his friends and absolutely fell in love with the art of visual storytelling.  He decided then that he wanted to make a career out of it so he enrolled in film school.  After graduating from film school, he began to work on the Universal backlot on the television sitcom Coach before being hired to work for Steven Spielberg at his production company, Amblin Entertainment.

From there he was accepted into the prestigious Director’s Guild Training Program (which takes less than 1% of their applicants each year), where he had an additional two years of training as an Assistant Director.  This experience fast-tracked him into the A-list Hollywood studio system where he went on to work on over 60 movies and television shows for all the major studios in his twenty plus year career in the film industry.

Over the years he has worked on such films as End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Suicide Kings with Christopher Walken, Switchback with Danny Glover and Dennis Quaid, Duets with Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis and Starship Troopers, along with television shows C.S.I.BaywatchDr. Quinn, Medicine WomanParty of FiveLois & ClarkAlly McBeal and 7th Heaven, just to name a few.  Nowadays his focus is on faith-based films such as Amazing Love, Grace Unplugged, and Adrenaline.

Andrew L. Koyama


Andrew L. Koyama earned an MFA in Film Production from The University of Southern California in 2011.   Andy has over 10 years of production experience and has been part of outstanding organizations including The Sundance Institute Filmmakers Lab and The University of Southern California Graduate Film Production Program.

Born and raised in Montana on an American Indian Reservation, Andy has particular expertise in Tribal Culture, Law and Politics.  Andy has worked on numerous American Indian documentaries in many capacities including Director of Photography and Editor.

Andy’s major Editing accomplishments include “Requiem,” narrated by Forest Whittaker, a feature length documentary commemorating the photographic journalists of the Vietnam War, and “The Pros of the Cons,” a feature length documentary narrated by Ice-T, a journey into an inspiring prison reform program.

Joshua R. Mosley


Joshua R. Mosley is an award-winning composer and producer for film, television video games and recording artists. His work can be heard on high profile projects for companies such as Sony Pictures, Overbrook Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Screen Gems, Mattel, Discovery Channel, Activision, FUNimation, National Geographic and Microsoft.

Mosley began to compose songs at the age of 18.  His ambition and talent caught the eye of a talent manager in 1999.  This provided an opportunity to write a demo song for Jessica Sands (Daughter of Tommy Sands);  In October 2000 Joshua started his professional career with Soundrama.  During his time there he made many contributions in the industry and built a solid reputation for himself.

In 2001 Joshua had the good fortune to meet award winning film composer, Hummie Mann, under whom he studied and increased his knowledge in music composition, theory, and knowledge of the industry.  Hummie saw the potential in Joshua and hired him as an arranger under his supervision on two television projects.

In December 2004 Joshua ventured out from Soundrama and founded Selah Productions LLC.  Joshua has continued to work on many more film, television and video projects.  He has been honored with 7 Telly Awards, an Aurora Award and Apex Award.  Joshua Mosley is a person who prides himself in integrity in all areas of his life.   He currently resides in Temecula, California.  He lives with his wife Reanne, daughter Madison and sons Tristan and Kayden.